Saturday, October 28, 2017

Day Trips From Lucinda's - Indian Grinding Rock

I've been thinking what is the next day trip: Ala - Indian Grinding Rock. The Central Sierra Miwok Indians used this area just outside Jackson for thousands of years to gather acorns and grind them into their food. This day trip guide is not intended to provide details about the life and times of the Indians and their environs, it is to help you find your way to and from without getting lost for more than a few minutes.

This little adventure can be combined with a trip to Volcano and Black Chasm Cavern, if you want to spend the entire day. Use the directions to find Volcano is the best way to get there. Once inside Volcano take the street heading towards the town of Pine Grove. There are signs pointing you to the Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park (there is an admission envelope to use).

Sign at the entrance to the park

If you are on Highway 88, from either direction, there are clearly marked signs that let you know the turn is just ahead. Once you turn onto the Pine Grove-Volcano Rd. you go directly to the park.

Spend some time in the Ranger Station / Museum for some fun filled facts.

Once you are back outside there are bunches of things to see and do. The Round House, Teepee and of course just strolling the grounds.

From here the park has many things to see and do.

Of course there is the biggest grinding rock in North America.

This close up, of one of the 1,185 holes, is a good look at what you'll find.

Get the directions to Volcano from the credenza in the foyer in Lucinda's Country Inn or click here for Daryl's Blog.