Saturday, June 2, 2018

Day Trips From Lucinda's - North-South Road

I’ve been thinking about what should be the next day trip  – Ala; the North-South Rd. 

The drive is easy and beautiful. My job here is to tell you how to get there, not what to see and do while enjoying the drive. I don’t want to spoil it for you. It is up the mountain a little (in the winter & spring it can and probably is not passable) and there is really nothing but forest vistas to look at. That ain’t bad. Its about a two-hour drive, unless you stop to hike some of the forest service roads. They named it North-South Rd.because it runs North and South between Mormon Emigrant Trail, on the north, and Omo Ranch Rd. on the south.

 The top photo is taken along Omo Ranch Rd. looking southeast over the valley towards Highway 88 and Jackson, down the hill. The bottom photo is the start of the North-South Rd., to the left of the pine tree, on Omo Ranch Rd. looking north to Highway 50 and Lake Tahoe to the right. 

Start by leaving Lucinda’s to Fair Play Rd, turn left and go to the dead end at Omo Ranch Rd. Turn left to head up the hill toward Highway 88 (That’s another day trip adventure). Slug Gulch Rd. joins Omo Ranch Rd. in Omo Ranch at Indian Diggins School and just before the road narrows to a single lane for about ¼ mile. Continue up Omo Ranch Rd., leaving El Dorado National Forest, until you get to the left turn onto North-South Rd.

 The top photos is just to let you know you are headed in the right direction when you see this sign. The bottom photos lets you know North-South Rd. is just ahead on the left.

Stay on this mountainous, snaking road for about 15 miles. This part is a challenge for those who get car sick or are very nervous driving hair pin curves and rough roads. Sometimes at the same curve. There are many forest service roads that you can hike.

 The top photo is North-South Rd. going into the forest. The middle is one of the forest service roads you can hike. There are many other roads and/or driveways, which are private property. (You ever see the Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance?) The bottom photo is the bottom of North-South Rd. at PiPi Valley, adjacent to the campgrounds

From here you start uphill and it is very similar to the downhill drive, expect the final five miles or so of road has a better surface. Then you will eventually dead-end into Mormon Emigrant Trail.

This road is a great road and you can literally coast most of the way down the hill to Sly Park Rd. at Jenkinson Lake. At the lake there are bunches and bunches of trails for hiking.

Mormon Emigrant Trail runs between Sly Park Rd. and Highway 88, just five miles west of Silver Lake.

Once you get to Sly Park Rd. (You'll pass over the Jenkinson Dam twice before you get to the road.) turn left and continue down the hill about 10 miles. At Mt. Aukum Rd. (Holiday Market is on the left corner) turn left on Mt. Aukum for eight miles to Fair Play Rd. (Grey's Mart/Corner with the gas station is at that corner.)

You just completed about a 70 mile drive in no time at all. Hope you enjoy your drive as much as I enjoy my drives.

...."Til Next Time 


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